Introducing VELOX VITA 4G Fire Alarm Control Panel – “Powerful but Yet Small”

March 9, 2019

VELOX VITA The Powerful 1 loop Fire Alarm control panel

ATEIS Middle Eas
t’s innovations continue with the launch of their latest in-house designed ‘VELOX VITA’ fire alarm control panel. The Vita is a powerful 1 loop control panel that has been developed to have the smallest possible enclosure size without any compromise on the available features. ATEIS have in-fact managed to incorporate new innovations into a panel less than  300mm2 that would be very desirable in control panels two or even three times the size.

The research, development and manufacturing of the VELOX Fire Alarm Products including the new VITA panel are all based at ATEIS Middle East headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai, UAE.

“It is important for us to keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible, within the standards and guidelines for Fire Detection Equipment” stated Philip Witts, International Sales Director for ATEIS Middle East. He continued: “We are very proud that our team of research and development engineers here in the UAE are breaking new ground with the technologies available to us. Ultimately it’s about making the safest possible product for our customers hence our choice of the name ‘VITA’, which is Latin for ‘Life.’ Life Safety is of paramount importance and if we can make our products safer by incorporating innovations then we will undoubtedly do so”

The new VITA control panel introduces built-in 4G and TCP/IP connectivity to monitor the panel

Its devices remotely for Fires, Faults and specific device information. The panel can connect to theVELOX CLOUD’ monitoring solution using the 4G (simply insert a SIM card) or TCP/IP, or for example it can be connected to both, so the primary monitoring would be over 4G and the TCP/IP connection is also there as a back-up in case of a cell network outage. The VELOX CLOUD has a user-friendly interface allowing the user to simply and swiftly locate the building, room and specific device information in the event of an incident. The VELOX CLOUD messages & alerts can be accessed via a remote PC, in a control-room for example or on a mobile device using the VELOX CLOUD application.

The VELOX VITA and VELOX CLOUD combination will give unprecedented information

and therefore increased safety to; clients, FM companies, system maintainers, Government Authorities or anyone with the responsibility for multiple properties who wish to monitor their status from a single (or multiple) location/s. The VELOX CLOUD platform presents the information in a graphical manner, showing the location of a specific device in a 3D plan of the building along-with the building information, contact details of owner/site contacts, maintenance information for example which devices have been tested in the last 12 months, when they were last tested, the levels of dust in each detector, which engineer visited and on which day and many other relevant pieces of information.


The VITA panel itself is extremely powerful and can drive up to 240 devices in its single loop. This number of devices far exceed the requirements for most villas, shops, warehouses, labor accommodation and any small to medium sized buildings. An unlimited number of these panels can be monitored using the VELOX CLOUD however if the remote monitoring is not required, the VELOX VITA will be available without the 4G & TCP/IP options. The panel also comes with multiple languages as standard to appeal to the international markets. ATEIS Middle East have plans to export to even more than the 27 countries are currently active within and the multi-language VITA panel is integral to these plans.

The panel design itself will sit nicely in even the most modern & cutting- edge interior design. The recess-able compact enclosure, Hi-Gloss finish, selectable multi- colour LEDs and LCD screen background will also add to the VELOX Vita’s

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