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VELOX TOUCH – VT5000 Touch Fire Alarm Control Panel

Product Number: VT5000

VELOX TOUCH is marking a new era of innovation in fire detection and alarm system technology. Fully integrated with the VELOX range of devices and protocol, it surpasses the performance of any traditional addressable panels in the market by far.

The VELOX Touch panel is constructed with the latest technology chipset which ensures the panel can easily handle the extra processing power required for future smart city applications. The VELOX Touch panel can handle over 2,000 devices (smoke detectors, sounders, etc.) with the flexibility to be configured from 1 loop (240 device capacity) up to a maximum of 9 loops in a single panel.

If this is not enough, or the project design calls for multiple panels, then the system can be expanded with up to 32 panels on a cabled network. With its powerful chipset capacity, VELOX Touch also provides additional features such as multi-lingual operating systems and men  structures. With export markets key to tem making it fully compliant with the EN54 part 2 requirements.

The VELOX Touch panel is designed to be user-friendly and state-of-the-art. VELOX Touch features sleek aesthetics that will be appealing in any type of interior and provides cutting- edge innovations powered by market-leading technology in the form of the ‘VELOX Cloud’ monitoring and networking capabilities.

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Key Features


Smart Fire Detection & Alarm Control Panel
Equipped with TCP/ip connectivity.

  • One loop expandable up to 9 loops in the same compact enclosure
  • 32-bit microprocessor addressable control panel.
  • Up to 192 Logic Functions between devices, and panels.




Fully Approved by UAE Civil Defence & EN54-2&4

  • Loaded with ten languages, including Arabic, English, and Turkish.
  • Loops can be configurable as open or closed.
  • Up to 32 panels on VELOX fault tolerant network.
  • 56 zone LEDs. (OPTIONAL board).
  • Loaded with ten languages, including Arabic, English, and Turkish
  • Aesthetically pleasing coloured LED panel lighting
  • Up to 32 panels on VELOX fault tolerant network.
  • Five year guarantee



Technical Specifications


Operating keyboard



1 Loop Onboard, expandable to 9 loops

Acoustic messages


Visualization of the events

480×272 TFT 4.3”


2 Loops per Loop card.

Event log

Max. 850


Max. 240


192 software zones

Number of analogue lines

One loop is Expandable To 9 loops

Exclusion of the analogue line

Single – multiple

Protection level


Programming type

Manual or by PC

Dimensions (WxLxD)

410 x 410x 120 mm

Analogue lines connection

Open or closed loop

Weight (without batteries)

≈ 6 kg

Available current for external loads




VELOXTOUCH - 5000 Series Datasheet (2.31 MB)

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