• VELOX (4200-4400) INT

VELOX Integrated Fire Alarm & Voice Evacuation Integrated Fire Alarm Control Panel

Product Number: 4200/INT - 4400/INT

VELOX 4000 fully integrates full audio and fire detection in a seamless synergy that redefines a new era of fire detection and alarm systems. Fully complying and certified to EN54 part 2 and 4

The VELOX 4000 series is built on decades of innovation foundation, support from 1 to 8 loops via common plug in loop driver boards.

Fully integrated with ATEIS legendry public address and evacuation systems, and can route simultaneously up to 48 audio channels of sonic audio quality that support 192Kbit/sec of audio resolution. The evacuation network can sustain up to 8,192 zones of speaker circuits, each of 1000 watt load capability like no other.

The bespoke panel is fully integrated with addressable fire-man’s telephone communication system, that support up to 256 circuits, which can drive telephone jacks or addressable telephone handsets.

The system can handle 240 device per loop, and extend its loop length up to 2Km over a two core copper cable. The network can withstand up to 200 fire alarm control panels on a peer-to-peer communication, and network can be stretched on a span of 20Km over VELOX redundant network.

The VELOX 4000 can be delivered with multiple options of standard or custom made controls and LED indications to construct an LED mimic panel or smoke management control, with vivid design that sets a new era of customization. 

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Key Features


FULLY INTEGRATED Fire Alarm, Voice Alarm &
Public Address, Fire Telephone, and
Smoke Management System

  • Fully integrated with the ATEIS Public Address and Voice Alarm
  • Fully Integrated Fire Telephone System
  • Fully Integrated Mimic Panel and Smoke Management
  • Modular 2, and  4 loops configuration

Approved by Kite Mark – EN54 part 2 & 4

  • Fully on-site programmable
  • Up to 240 devices on a single loop
  • Up to 200 peer to peer redundant network of panel
  • Up to 1000 zones in a network
  • Up to 1000 event logs
  • Complex Cause & Effect for large size installation.



VELOX (4200-4400) INT Datasheet (986.09 KB)

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