Fire alarm system is now mandatory for all homeowners in UAE

March 1, 2024

Introducing VELOX Life Safety's Smart Wireless Fire Alarm System, Tailored for Villas and Townhouses in Collaboration with Dubai Civil Defence

Enhancing residential safety is a top priority in today's world. The UAE has taken a significant step towards this goal by implementing a new regulation mandating the installation of fire alarms in all residential buildings since January 2024. This regulation underscores the nation's commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of its residents.  
VELOX Life Safety, in partnership with Dubai Civil Defence, is dedicated to providing cutting-edge fire protection systems tailored specifically for villas and townhouses. Our collaboration aims to address the unique safety needs of homeowners, offering swift and effective protection against the devastating impact of fires. For more information, contact us at 80083569 (VELOX) or get a quote for your villa: or Whatsapp VELOX:   Maj Gen Ali Hassan Al Mutawa, Dubai's Assistant Director-General for Fire and Rescue Affairs, highlights the importance of proactive measures in safeguarding homes. He urges homeowners to promptly install fire alarm systems to ensure their properties are well-prepared to handle potential fire incidents. VELOX offers a range of fire protection systems designed to seamlessly integrate advanced technology with user-friendly interfaces. Our revolutionary system can be installed in less than one hour, prioritizing convenience and efficiency for homeowners. Whether it's an existing house or a property under construction, VELOX's fire protection solutions ensure swift integration without disruption.  
For existing houses, we offer an integrated wireless solution that minimizes disruption while maximizing safety. This solution can be easily installed without extensive rewiring or structural modifications, ideal for homeowners seeking to upgrade their fire protection measures.  
For houses under construction, VELOX provides a smart wired fire alarm solution that sets new standards in residential safety. Our solution includes a special mode designed specifically for 'Bakhoor,' preventing unwanted alarms during burning or Shisha smoking sessions. With our wired fire alarm solution, homeowners can enjoy peace of mind knowing their properties are protected by the latest innovations in fire safety technology.

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