VELOX VITA – 4G Fire Alarm Control Panel

September 18, 2019

VELOX VITA-6100 Smart Fire Detection & Alarm Control Panel, Based on 4G & IoT Technology.

The VELOX VITA is the most powerful yet the smallest Fire Alarm Control Panel. The 30cm x 30cm VITA encapsulates the World First 4G enabled, IoT based 32-bit ARM processor loaded panel, and marks the latest innovation of the VELOX research and development team.

EN54-2 & 4 approved VITA panel is fully integrated with VELOX CLOUD IoT platform over 4G with Ethernet redundancy.

The one loop panel can host 240 devices and can seamlessly network with VELOX 5000 range of panels over wired or IP connectivity. The VELOX CLOUD provides powerful remote control and monitoring, allowing the VITA to be a true configurable panel over the CLOUD.

VELOX VITA and VELOX CLOUD combination will give unprecedented information & details for any incident and therefore increased safety to; clients, FM companies, system maintainers, Government Authorities or anyone with the responsibility for multiple properties who wish to monitor their status from a single (or multiple) location/s.

ATEIS Middle East’s innovations continue with the launch of their latest in-house designed ‘VELOX VITA’ fire alarm control panel.

The Vita is a powerful 1 loop control panel that has been developed to have the smallest possible enclosure size without any compromise on the available features. ATEIS have in-fact managed to incorporate new innovations into a panel less than  300mm2 that would be very desirable in control panels two or even three times the size.

The research, development and manufacturing of the VELOX Fire Alarm Products including the new VITA panel are all based at ATEIS Middle East headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai, UAE.

“It is important for us to keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible, within the standards and guidelines for Fire Detection Equipment” stated Philip Witts, COO for ATEIS Middle East. He continued: “We are very proud that our team of research and development engineers here in the UAE are breaking new ground with the technologies available to us. Ultimately it’s about making the safest possible product for our customers hence our choice of the name ‘VITA’, which is Latin for ‘Life.’ Life Safety is of paramount importance and if we can make our products safer by incorporating innovations then we will undoubtedly do so”

All of the below features coming inside 30x30cm enclosure!!

  • 4G Connectivity with Fully redundant Ethernet connection.
  • Fully IoT based design for smart city connectivity and applications.
  • Monitoring & Controlling remotely over VELOX CLOUD.
  • One loop with 240 devices loop powered.
  • EN54 part 2 & 4 certified.
  • 30cm x 30cm Semi-Flushed panel.
  • Advanced enable /disable and false alarm rejection technology.
  • Touchscreen, Supporting more than 10 Languages.

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