VELOX CLOUD: #Stay_Connected #Stay_Safe

August 10, 2020

VELOX CLOUD - Smart Fire Detection & Alarm Solution

Unlike traditional fire alarm systems, the VELOX Smart Fire Alarm range can provide Safety alert warnings in real-time, whenever smoke is detected, straight to you!
A user-friendly interface allows the user to simply and swiftly locate the room and specific device information in the event of an incident. The VELOX CLOUD messages & alerts can be shown to the user on a remote PC, a tablet or on a mobile device through any standard web-browser.


#Stay_Connected #Stay_Safe

The VELOX CLOUD gives also the ability to connect fire alarm panels together over a wireless mesh. This mesh has virtually unlimited scalability and can cover a city-wide application (many hundreds/ thousands of buildings). The information flow across the mesh is constantly monitored and should any incidents arise such as a fire or fault in a building, the system will immediately report this information directly to the chosen destination, commonly; The Civil Defense, the FM provider and the homeowner.


The combination between VELOX VITA Fire alarm control panel and VELOX CLOUD Solution will give unprecedented information and therefore increased safety to; clients, FM companies, system maintainers, Government Authorities or anyone with the responsibility for multiple properties who wish to monitor their status from a single (or multiple) location/s. The VELOX CLOUD platform presents the information in a graphical manner, showing the location of a specific device in a 3D plan of the building along-with the building information, contact details of owner/site contacts, maintenance information for example which devices have been tested in the last 12 months, when they were last tested, the levels of dust in each detector, which engineer visited and on which day and many other relevant pieces of information



The system can also support fire alarm systems maintenance process. If a failure is detected in a device, client will receive a notification email. It will be able then to select a maintenance company and schedule an appointment. The technician is able to access information (through any available web connection) related to the fire alarm system of the client. In the field, he can start automated tests procedures, allowing him to locate the problem. At the end of the maintenance, a report is automatically generated and the technician can ask for the customer’s signature directly on their mobile tablet screen. Finally, the customer receives an email with a satisfaction form and invoices can be generated from the maintenance company based on this up-to-the-minute information.


To conclude of what VELOX CLOUD can do

  • Instant notification of Fire Alarm Events.
  • Fully monitored GUI "Graphical User Interface" in the palm of your hand.
  • Smart city connectivity over 868M "Internet of Things" .
  • Limit False Alarms Rate & reduce fire security costs.
  • Pinpoints the fire incident location and fire spread
  • Each VELOX CLOUD gateway can communicate over 4G/LTE, or simply Ethernet.
  • Comprehensive maintenance over any smart device or PC, with all records, logged and archived on the VELOX CLOUD.
  • Unlimited number of connected Fire Alarm Panels.


VELOX can provide a solution from a single villa, to a city-wide application. These innovative Fire Alarm and Smart City applications are only a part of VELOX Life Safety solutions covering most requirements with full engineering and design support from our Facilities in Dubai Silicon Oasis, UAE.


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