VELOX CLOUD is The Future of Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

February 27, 2019

Future of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Today VELOX CLOUD is not just a concept; it is already a reality. We are linking wireless mesh fire alarm panels over a citywide application, and allowing the control from the palm of the user. VELOX CLOUD is equipped with AI "Artificial Intelligence" making the service of fire or fault identifications easy tasks to handle. "We believe VELOX CLOUD is simply the Future of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems"  said by Hussam Al Haddad - Managing Director of ATEIS Middle East


VELOX CLOUD - User-friendly:

The VELOX CLOUD has a user-friendly interface allowing the user to simply and swiftly locate the building, room and specific device information in the event of an incident. The VELOX CLOUD messages & alerts can be accessed via a remote PC, in a control-room for example or on a mobile device using the VELOX CLOUD application.

VELOX CLOUD - Smart City Application:

VELOX can provide a solution from a single villa, to a city-wide application. These innovative Fire Alarm and Smart City applications are only a part of VELOX Life Safety solutions covering most requirements with full engineering and design support from our Facilities in Dubai Silicon Oasis, UAE.

To conclude of what VELOX CLOUD can do:

• Fully monitored GUI "Graphical User Interface" in the palm of your hand.

• Smart city connectivity over 868M "Internet of Things."
• Pinpoints the fire incident location and fire spread
• Each VELOX CLOUD gateway can communicate over 4G/LTE, or simply Ethernet.
• Comprehensive maintenance over any smart device or PC, with all records, logged and archived on the VELOX CLOUD.
• Over 10,000 VELOX Fire Alarm Panels can be connected to a single gateway.

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