“ATEIS Velox introduces it New Exquisite Design Detectors”…..

January 26, 2017

Fire Safety Security india: August,2015

Mumbai, India, April 2015:Analog Addressable system market picks up the pace with increasing High rise towers & stricter norms of Indian Government Fire regulatory authorities.

With this ever increasing demand & demanding market European multinational ATEIS Middle East is pleased to launch its new detector which is exquisite outer shell design. Inspired from a shape of Igloo the detector is Generation 2 modification in the Outer shell shape.

The detectors are Analogue addressable type & come in Heat, Optical & Multi-criteria types. The default color is white however customer can order Black color for special types of ceilings. ATEIS continues to get all the new detectors approved with EN54 by LPCB.

ATEIS strives to make the installation an easy task. The Uniform First Fix or “UFF” makes all the detectors interchangeable on the same base type. Not only that, sounder bases, flashers and much more shall be installed on the same type of base, allowing the VELOX detectors to share the same type of base, permitting ease install and swap feature. Furthermore, single centrally positioned LED allows detector identification an easy task.

ATEIS wants to make it easy to the installer, no dip or rotary switches are required to address the neither detectors nor barcode scanners or other difficult methods of installation are needed. Automatic addressing is an added benefit to the many others of VELOX technology, were the fire alarm control panel addresses each device in a sequential manner, and make sure that no duplicate addresses are allowed. Furthermore when needed to assign an address in a non-sequential fashion, the manual programming via the VELOX detector programming tool is utilized. VELOX magnetic test simulates the action of an alarm in the detector to drive the cause & effect and test the detector’s functions when testing an installation.

The detectors also some in Décor line finishes to match the Architectural aesthetic requirements of special projects.

Velox also has major change in its Input & Output Module enclosure, now all the Modules are coming with 4x4 standard American box which eases the termination of wires during installation. Interestingly ATEIS has not revised the prices for the modules even thought the enclosure is now better. This is part of constant product improvement program by ATEIS R&D team at Dubai.

The Uniform First Fix or “UFF” makes all the modules interchangeable on the same back box. Not only that, standard American 4”X4” can be used to flush the mod­ules during installation, adding more aesthetic pleas­ing looks.

Apart from the New Detector shell ATEIS Middle East opens a subsidiary office in India in Mumbai. New ATEIS India office we are sure that we can support our customers better than before.

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