ATEIS / VELOX emerging as the market leader in Middle East & Africa for quality life safety product range

January 18, 2017

ATEIS is a multination company with French origin, and one of the leading manufacturer for Public Address System, Voice Alarm and Smoke Detection system. What is really impressive about this brand name is the number of mega projects that they have successfully executed in Middle East, Africa and India. Their reference projects include the Dubai Metro Rail where 47 stations are networked voice over IP, the Chennai Metro in India and Singapore Metro.

In terms of shopping malls and high rise towers, in addition to completing some of the biggest shopping malls, what impressed the most was that they have very successfully combined BGM / PA system and Voice Alarm. Which means the same speakers are used for both the system, which is a huge cost saving for the client, and that too without comprising in any way in the operational features. Would also like to high light here that playing of BGM (back ground music) in malls requires a system with a much higher frequency band width (100 Hz to 20,000 Hz), and ATEIS product range complies to this, and also has the required 3rd party fire rating approvals. The fact that NFPA, BS / EN and IEC standards all approve use of the combined system helped the local distributor of ATEIS to get approval from the concerned civil defense authorities for the same.

The brand name ‘ATEIS’ which has been associated with life safety products for the last 3 decades, and is synonymous with quality and assurance of responsibility for their product range. Now with their introduction of the complete range of Fire Alarm System, and being marketed with brand name “VELOX by ATEIS”, it is leading the market with new and innovative products which in addition to increasing life safety and reliability, is extremely user friendly and easy to install, commission and operate.

The brand name “VELOX” is now the market leader in the fire alarm market due to their strong foundation of research and development in fire detection and alarm systems technology, with the commitment of five years warranty. The latest addition to their product range, and definitely a feather in their cap is the ‘3D TOUCH MIMIC PANEL’, which integrates with CCTV cameras to give live coverage of the area on fire. The 3D Mimic panel allows the VELOX system to integrate with more than 65 life safety systems, such as emergency lighting, emergency doors, and access control system allowing more interaction and providing accurate information when needed.

This type of mimic panel is the first in the fire industry, and is definitely being noticed & well accepted by fire consultants in the region as it is UL 864 listed.

Another innovation worth a special mention is the VELOX Aspirating Smoke Detection (VELOX ASD). This is the first aspirating panel that sits on the normal fire alarm loop, and communicates with the main FACP panel in the same protocol as any other device in the setup. The VELOX ASD shall be installed directly on the VELOX detection loop, and reports the address of each ASD back to the Fire control panel, and is having its own in-built isolator achieving reliable integration on the VELOX detection loop.

The VELOX aspiration system utilize the state of the art image recognition detection. It allows the detector to identify the smoke particles, and provides accurate detection phenomena. Unlike other laser detectors, the VELOX ASD does not require any lens clearing or filters, and no extra commissioning is required. The fact that this new innovation is already UL approved speaks volumes for the R&D work being done on ATEIS / VELOX product range.

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