VoCALL Compact 9 Line VoCALL Compact 9 Line Master Unit & Line Slave Exchange Unit

Product Number: VCCM9/VCCS10

VCCM9 Unit is ideal for small to medium sized installations which don’t require the complexity of a full network solution. Features & Benefits This system comprises of the VCCM9 Unit controlling up to 9 outstations (Type A, Type B, Emergency Assist Alarms or, in Far East and Middle East applications, jack plates). By using the VCCS10 Unit this system can be easily expanded to 19 lines. This self contained enclosure houses a master handset, 9 Line Exchange, power supply and battery charger. It can be surface or semi-flush mounted as standard. The case is made from powder coated zintec, with a smoked perspex door covering the handset. 20mm cable knockouts are provided for all necessary cables as well as space for the backup 12V VRSLA battery. The unit is microprocessor controlled, with simple menus, including a call log, fault log and change log, all accessible from the front panel navigation keys. The 10 line Slave Exchange Unit adds 10 additional lines giving a total of 19 lines. Supplied in a wall mount box with power and fault LED indications.

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Key Features


VoCALL Compact 9 Line Master
and 10 Line Slave Exchange Unit

  • EN54 Pt4:A2 power supply and charger
  • 4 navigation keys
  • 6 status LEDs
  • 4 line, 20 character LCD
  • Full duplex system
  • Simple menu programming
  • Wall mount case



VoCALL Compact 9 Line Master
and 10 Line Slave Exchange Unit

  • By using the VCCS10 Unit, the VCCM9 unit can be expanded  up to 19 lines.
  • In addition to Type A and Type B outstations, the Compact 9 Line Master Unit can also
    monitor Emergency Assist Alarms.
  • Only one 4 core fire rated cable is required to connect the slave to the master


Tech Specs

Power Supply


230V ac +/- 10% 50/60Hz

Supply and battery

Monitored, open, short, fuses


Deep discharge, short, thermal

Battery size and type

1 x 12V SLA 5Ah

Mains fuse

240V 125mA HRC

Battery fuse

500A PTC

Charge current



VCCM9 - VCCS10 - Datasheet (1.49 MB)

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